'05 Gray First!! $875.00 BIN!

  1. gonegone:heart: hope a pf'er got it...shes a beauty
  2. ^^^---- me too~ that was BIN'd 40 min after I posted this thread! lol
  3. Just FYI you are not suppose to post any eBay links on here.
  4. I so wanted to hit that BIN but i didn't have the funds either, this is another 'bag that got away' that is going to haunt me!
  5. I was about to say the same thing. It's a no-go.:nogood:
  6. ^-- Thanks Erica- that's why I've been posting Ebay links--- If I'm totally wrong somebody needs to close this thread.
  7. No prob- I just don't want to get into trouble either- but I remember seeing the Ebay subsection that had no action- then the announcement from Vlad.

    anywhoooo---- let the hunting resume! haha~~~
  8. wow.. that was a great deal for that bag!! i hope someone on tpf got it!!
  9. eBay links to great deals are fine as long as they are NOT your own auction
  10. Thank you Addy- that's what my understanding was also.

    ahhhh- the 05 First that got away!! darnit!
  11. wow, that was at a great price!
  12. I love that gray! It is so pretty! Why Balenciaga doesn't do this gray anymore???