05 glazzed lambskin star-stitched flap in black or 06 diamond shine flap in black?


Which bag do you prefer?

  1. 05 glazed lambskin star-stitched bag

  2. 06 black diamond shine flap bag (sell that glazed lambskin bag from last year!!)

  3. Keep the star-stitched bag AND buy the diamond shine flap (if your budget allow you to do so)

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  1. I really like the black diamond shine flap bag. I like that it has the navy tone under it. (http://forum.purseblog.com/chanel/my-new-diamond-shine-flap-has-finally-arrived-49210.html) And I like that it is very roomy!

    But I already have the glazed lambskin star-stitched bag in black from last year (eBay: CHANEL BLACK CRACKED PATENT LEATHER BAG HANDBAG LK NEW! (item 160030211683 end time Sep-19-06 10:29:42 PDT))....with this one I like the crackled lambskin, that kinda adds the Rock-&-Roll factor :rochard: to the bag. The diamond shine flap on the other hand is more structured, formal, and elegant looking.

    Since I don't want to have 2 patent leather type of flap bags in black (or should I??)....

    Should I just keep the glazed lambskin star-stitched bag from last year? or sell that bag and get the black diamond shine flap bag instead??

    Which bag do you like more?
  2. Keep them both!!They are soo gorgeous and vintage looking
  3. I prefer the 05 glazed lambskin star-stitched bag, but find it a bit too small though...
  4. I am actually ok with the size since I am a relatively small bag person. I could fit my wallet, keys and cellphone, a lipgloss in. I am hoping to find a smaller case for my sunglasses since the original case of my oliver people sunglasses are too big.
  5. I personally like the diamond shine flap more.
  6. i prefer the diamond shine flap
  7. since size is ok for you, I would keep the star-stitch. I, too, love the rock and roll style. If it were a bit bigger, I would be all over that bag!!:love:
  8. h, I posted for joia too but could you tell us how big the flap is? Is it size of 225, 226 , or 227 reissue, for comparison??
  9. hey, I think the bag is smaller than 227 but the bottom is pretty wide too. Maybe you should give it a shot? Otherwise, the ritz would definitely be big enough to fit your need!