'05 Dolma Messenger

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  1. mmmmm yup, that is gorgeous! *sigh* I love Dolma... I saw it in person for the first time a few weeks ago... it's delicious!
  2. :drool: :nuts: :drool: yummy . . . - fantastic bag - amazing color :P !

    Thank you for posting myGERL :flowers:
  3. Gorgeous!
  4. Omigawsh! Sooooo beautiful and a great price, too!! :drool:
  5. What I loooooove about this style is it has silver hardware..... just gorgeous!
    Dolma + silver hardware = soooo unique and AMAZING! I love it! Ah... look at that leather too....
  6. GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! Nothing more to say about this!:drool:

    (I especially love the picutre of the bag draped on the mannequin! Stunning! The color is TDF!:love: )
  7. Y'all are kind of making me want to keep it...:sad:

    must sell...must sell...I'll get over it...
  8. I like the part where you wrote you wanted to make it into a pillow! It would be one expensive pillow!

  9. Beautiful bag! Why do you have to let it go? Bummer!!! :crybaby:
  10. I was just looking at that auction! The color is beautiful...but does it get too saggy looking when its got stuff in it? You should keep it...and I got a chuckle from the pillow idea!
  11. I was dead serious about the pillow idea, but I have a cat, and I just couldn't bear to see the leather get all nicked with claw marks... I'm letting it go because I really don't use it (I just hug it!) and I'm trying to get some money together to go to Paris next month!

    Oh - saggy looking... no I don't think so, it looks just like the hobo/day bag, just sits lower down on your hip instead of right under your arm.
  12. Cool! Let me know if you need travel tips, I go to Paris at least 2x a year...
  13. Ohhhhhh LP.....your pics are always so good at showing how wonderful your bags are. Try as I might, I can never get my pics to do my bags justice.

    This one is just TDF!!!
  14. Is the body of the bag the same as the day/hobo?
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