'05 Dolma Classique from our very own...

  1. Oh, Pewter! What are you trying to do to me? Dolma is one of my most desired. Don't you think I've bought enough Bbags for one week?;)
  2. ^^Aw Deco lol! ;) You should go for it! :graucho: Amazing bag... I rarely see Dolmas.
  3. mimi you have the most awesome collection!
  4. Eek! I think the BIN is a little high...but the color is lovely :smile:
  5. Yikes price!!! Colr Pretty!! Would to see it in a CITY.
  6. omg, lovely color, and the leather amazing, someone grab this!!
  7. Dolma is such a gorgeous colour! Good luck Mimi!
  8. Dolma is my dream color. I would love it in the city!!
  9. o0o0o0o mimi!!! fantastic!!
  10. I love this bag! Good luck Mimi!
  11. Ahhhhhhh Mimi my goodness, it's beautiful! I'm sure this is someone's dream bag and they'll be along shortly to snatch it up!
  12. thanks girls! :heart:
    ...I have to say, this bag is a hard baby to part with.... the leather is absolutely divine on this... and the condition... well it's unbelievable!!!!!! :love: