05 Dolma City on RDC

  1. hurry hurry if you want it. $1125.
  2. Yes, please, it's been sitting there tempting me for a few days now! Someone buy it and remove the temptation please.
  3. oops. sorry if this is a duplicate thread. tPFers get another 50 bucks off, bedhead :graucho:
  4. I would totally get it, but I think those watermarks are stopping me... Someone snatch it up!
  5. The price has been lowered!
  6. there's also a Greige City on sale. price lowered too. the corners are quite worn. makes me wonder how lasting bbags are. i'm really expecting better from them :s
  7. Ah, but you'd also have to wonder how well the original owners treated their bbags! Not to say that bbags stay pristine forever even with good care, but not babying them is another story...
  8. ^yep that's what i wonder about! i'm not one to baby them too much but aren't bbags supposed to be quite rugged enough, kwim? maybe i harbour unrealistic expectations of them ;)
  9. you should harbor unrealistic expectations of them! you paid good money for your bags and they should last a long time! i guess time will tell...
  10. I definitly want mine to stay in good condition, and if that means babying my bag I will do it :p haha. I have been babying VD more than EB but maybe thats just because shes a light color. But still, you're paying 1K+ for this bag--take good care of it!!
  11. :lol: yes i should, shouldn't i!? i just don't believe in being a slave to such things. of course i have no reason to trample on my bbag like Jane Birkin did to her Birkin here http://www.purseblog.com/page/2/ :roflmfao: if i can afford H bags, i'd expect the bag can take such abuse! they're supposed to be top quality, after all? :upsidedown: sure, bbags cost a v small fraction but still... you get my drift ;)