05 Dolma City from Bertie - SP $1299

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. just kill me now!:sweatdrop:
  2. man, that's pretty!!!

    and bertie says..."03 lilac, anis, 04 red coming soon ; )"

  3. Deco - you don't have a green in your collection yet, do you?
  4. I have the Emerald First. And then the Anis City is on the way, some people have likened it to a yellow with lots of green notes in it. And then of course I'm awaiting delivery of 05 Olive City. hmmmm :rolleyes:

    Well I don't have THIS green in my collection :graucho:
  5. I suppose we could put Dolma in the "neutrals" category, can't we?
    Sorry Deco, I must live vicariously through someone ;)
  6. this is the nicest dolma I've ever seen. and I've seen a LOT of dolma.
  7. Anyone know where "Dolma" came from? All I can think of is that yummy Middle Eastern/Greek appetiser finger food, you know, the stuffed grape leaves.
  8. oh God... why are you doing this to me???
    you've given so many temptations to me :crybaby:
    seriously... it's GORGEOUS!!!
    i began to like it more than pistachio!
    Deco, buy this for us to drool over :drool:

  9. The color of grape leaves?
  10. cooked grape leaves ;)
  11. Dolma city + Calcaire makeup clutch = Middle Eastern treat for Deco ;)
  12. omg what a beautiful bag!!!!
  13. She added a BIN of $1499!
  14. Wow so tempting.

    I wonder which style 03 Lilac she has...I love that color.:heart:
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