05 Chocolate vs 07 Cinnamon

  1. I went to Barney's today with my 05 Chocolate City to compare it to the new Cinnamon color - Barney's had quite a few Cinnamon Bags in - and to me, the 05 Choc is definitely more Brown with the Cinnamon having a lot more Red in it ....

    Sorry I wasn't able to take any pics as I'm probably the last person on the planet without a camera phone :p

    but no one has given an opinion on a comparison of these two colors yet so I thought I would throw my two cents in!
  2. Thanks for the info :tup:

    How does Cinnamon compare to SS07 Cafe? Cafe was very dark with red undertines - is Cinnamon the same I wonder?
  3. Thanks also for the comparison. I wonder how cinammon stacks up against the marron too actually since that also is a brown with red...
  4. I love the Marron (but don't have one) so if Cinammon is like that maybe I will have to get one of those.
  5. how did the leather compare between the two?
  6. I have seen and held Cinammon in real life but not Marron so I can only compare it to the photos of Marron.

    To me, Cinammon seems to be darker than Maroon. Cinammon is a dark brown leather colour which when seen closer, you see the reddness to it. Its like a dark chocolate brown with a burgundy hue.

    The Marron seems to be a medium reddish brown with more lighter shades on it (based on pics only that I've seen of it).
  7. So which one do you like better?:smile:
  8. When I get home I will take a pic of '05 Choc and Cinnamon together. IMO, in '05 marron the reddish cast is always more apparent than is true with Cinnamon. With Cinnamon, you have to see it in the right light to really bring out the reddishness. Cinnamon is also a darker brown. Choc doesn't seem much darker than cinnamon, but just a purer brown.

  9. I definitely liked my 05 Chocolate better :p
    There was too much red in the Cinnamon for me :push:

  10. I think the 05 Choc has a little bit of a red undertone, more than Cafe, but Cinnamon has a lot more Red than either ... I think Cafe was more Brown/Black in my opinion .... does that make sense?

    Don't get me wrong, Cinnamon is pretty, just not as BROWN as I was looking for personally ...
  11. Love to see the comparison pics!

  12. I think the leather is Very nice on the 07 bags! Definitely much closer to my 05 Choc than my 06 bags were!!! :tup:
  13. Oops. I meant '04 Marron vs '05 Choco vs '07 Cinnamon.
  14. I have comparison pics of cafe' and chocolate 05 if someone's interested.......

    cafe is on the right


    cafe on the left

  15. cracker -

    I just love those two bags of yours!!! LOL!!! Your Chocolate is so much more distressed than mine *sigh* .....