'05 Chocolate City Pics! She's finally home after a visit to the spa...

  1. When I got this bag she wasn't supposed to have dark handles.... but they were. Not only dark but sticky. I was reluctant to try to remove the dirt on a dark bag,and I really loved the bag and wanted to take no chances, so off she went to LMB for handle cleaning. They did a superb job and here she is. I really love this color and the leather is wonderful!

    Here is the link to her before and after pics:
  2. wow it looks GREAT!! the chocolate looks so yummy and smooshy!
  3. WOW, she looks amazing!
  4. Very yummy! I always get nervous when I see your pics that show a bag hanging above water....So afraid it will fall in! Great bag, I love that brown!
  5. beautiful - a chocolate city is one of my dream bags
    I love how the seams look with this color
    it looks like new now with great 05 leather!
  6. Beautiful! I really should probably break down and send mine to LMB. Ugh. How long are they going to keep my baby?
  7. ^^ yummy chocolate, congrats PP!!! :wlae:
  8. The handles look brand new!:tup: And what a beautiful colored bag too :yes:
  9. Gorgeous! They did a wonderful job! Really love the chocolate color :drool:
  10. so pretty!!
  11. ^^ ME TOO!! i always think - what is she crazy???

    love love love the chocolate!! i've been dying to get one, but they all have those icky dark handles, which i cannot stand - glad to see another amazing clean up job by LMB! congrats powder, totally gorgy bag
  12. Such a great color. It looks BRAND NEW!
  13. Nice! The chocolate looks divine!
  14. Wow they did a great job!!! She looks amazing!
  15. Wow now I gotta go get a candy bar! YUM!