'05 Caramel Twiggy

  1. I have this bag and absolutely love it... I get so much use out of it. I hope a PFer gets this!
  2. Is this a PFer?? I almost hit the trigger last night!!! I LOVE this!!
  3. Not sure who the seller is but it is a beautiful bag. I was tempted too, but decided it's very close in color and size to a Prada that I really love ......and eBay still scares me unless I know it's someone from here.:P
  4. I'm looking to get my 1st Bbag and sorta had my heart set on Grenat but I keep going back to this Caramel Twiggy on eBay.I'm loving the color and look of the leather from the pics. Since I've never seen one I'm open to the twiggy style. Is this a good price? A good bag?
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