05' Caramel Twiggy

  1. no.. that's the twiggy
  2. Hmmm for some reason it looks different from my two. Maybe it is the way it is positioned.
  3. Twiggy. The leather on it is beautiful for an 05!
  4. the box is much shorter in length.
  5. I saw that one this morning...that is good leather, not a shiny! :smile:
  6. She is the PF member I sold my ink twiggy to, and I think this caramel twiggy is gorgeous, and a good price too. I can't believe someone hasn't bought it!
  7. it's sold!.... the winner is a PF member. maybe she'll reveal herself?
    the leather looks excellent.
  8. the leather really does look great. i have a purse in this color and it is definitely shinier than this one. congrats to whoever got it on a great bag and great price!
  9. It was me! I couldn't resist such a good deal + yummy/buttery 05" leather.
  10. You go Chloe!! It is so beautiful!
  11. Congratulations, chloe!!! It is gorgeous and the leather is spectacular!!! :heart: :heart:
  12. CONGRATS chloe!!! it's beautiful!!
  13. congrats, chloe! you got a great deal. absolutely gorgeous smooshy leather. enjoy!
  14. Yeah I'm excited to finally get a twig!!!