05' Caramel First on Ebay

  1. No one bid yet though!
    Keep it nice and low ;)
  2. The seller has no feedback...is this one of the PF girls, or a stranger? Cute bag though...if it's real.
  3. That's funny, I remember this from maybe last week? I remember because I recall her saying that she bought it after she saw SJP wearing it and I thought that was odd. Maybe the high bidder did not pay?
  4. No that was another seller, VIP got that earlier bag ^^^
    SJP sells bags!
  5. mmmm so tempting!!
    i'm trying to hold out for a blue india first tho...must resist!!
  6. I'm tempted, but I hate the fact that she has 0 feedback :Push: These days, Ebay scares me. She could be posting someone's old auction, using someone else's photos, etc.etc....

  7. I love the colour and the price is great but I must admit that I'm a bit scared of buying from a seller with 0 feedback these days with all these stolen auctions..
  8. I am worried- there are so many pictures and listings stolen on ebay lately that this may be one of them? Also, the zero feedback
  9. love the color