'05 Caramel First ebay listing references PF Bbag subfourm

  1. Yes that is a PFer's listing.
  2. Congrats to the seller and "soon to be" new owner!! Its very pretty.
  3. I would have been tempted to get this but I already have the purse in this color. Good luck!
  4. It def. looks like a different color.
  5. They do look different but maybe it is the lighting? Mine comes out different in almost every pic.
  6. Yes, it looks like the lighting, look at the picture of the mirror it looks more like the darker correct color....
  7. They look like 2 different bags I hope mine is real
    ..It should be coming today or tomorrow
  8. Hopefully it is just the flash distorting the color, let us know and please
    post photos!