05 caramel first - $599 - ends in 4 hours

  1. Oh god I want it so badly but she only ships within the US:crybaby:
    I've emailed her for an exception to Canada but she may not get it in time...
  2. good luck to u stylefly:flowers:
  3. that one looks yummy, good luck stylefly..!!:flowers:
  4. ACK!! She will ship to me if i win.
    WISH ME LUCK, GIRLS!!! It's not a Work but it will do for now...I REALLY hope I don't get sniped:sweatdrop:
  5. good luck stylefly!
  6. Go, Stylefly, go!
  7. OMG it's up to $1069...what should I do:shrugs:
    Edit- it obviously wasn't meant to be- it is used, for heaven's sake and I've seen new Cities go for less...
    Thanks guys! Keep me posted if you see anything else in '05 Caramel:love:
  8. I'd pass...it's not the exact style you want and I've seen caramel come around on ebay.
  9. wow... that went up pretty high!!
  10. sorry stylefly! I'm sure you didn't win this so you could get another better caramel later!
  11. That's what I'm talking myself into as well, he he he...
    I'm just frustrated that this bag didn't come up in my searches EITHER time that it was previously listed for $775 and $699 and didn't sell...ah well- the hunt continues and it's fun, after all!
    Thanks everyone for your advice and support, it's nice when people understand my irrational behaviour:lol:
  12. Stylefly -- I know others might disagree, but I would have used a snipe program and waited to bid until the last minute. The price might have stayed lower. Just a thought.
  13. sorry stylefly,i am sure you are going to get another one, and in nice condition!
  14. It's relisted again. This time it's a lot cheaper