05 caramel city

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  1. Love the bag, do NOT love her feedback. If she sold one fake, she could bait and switch. :confused1:
  2. I don't think that MJ bag she sold was a fake - at least not the pictures she posted ...
  3. the seller relisted this..do you guys think it's real?

    I'm new here and just learning to detect the tiny differences but would love a caramel city..
  4. I am 99.9% sure that MJ bag that the buyer said is fake is Authentic! I have a MJ bag and it has the same exact lining and everything looks right, so i think that negative was uncalled for ... as for the BBag, ladies ???
  5. I have looked at that bag a few times. My opinion is that is risky due to her feedback. If I were even contemplating bidding(which I'm not) I would ask for more pics of the bales, the back of the tag and tell her to take some current pics and send them to make sure she has that bag in her possesion. A few years ago there was a seller that snagged pics of old auction and just waited. After those pictures were no longer available in an ebay search she brought them and listed items. The pictures looked real because they were, but the bags she sent were fake. She sold a bunch in one week and was gone. It's stories like this that make ebay very scary to me. It seems the scammers who work hard at scamming will achieve their goal. It's sad, because there are many wonderful, honest sellers on ebay and it makes everyone suspicious of all.
  6. Maybe the bag that in the pictures wasn't the bag that she sent.:confused1:

  7. very possible... what a shame ebay has allowed their site to become such a mess
  8. I did email for more pictures so I guess we'll see. it makes me very nervous to spend that amount of money on ebay so I'll probably just wait until a known purse forum member sell one..if it's real though I love it by the pictures...
  9. yes but i think is something strange with this auction, let us know if you get pics from the seller
  10. Hmm, well it looks like the auction has ended. Perhaps it got pulled?
  11. ok, so i just heard from the seller and she said she is adding 2 more pictures to the auction, one where the strap connects and one with the buckle. Is there anything else I should ask her for specifically?
  12. I can't tell. Where are the experienced girls. Why did she cut the bales in half? I hate that because you can't see the entire thing. I hate it when I can see that they have tried to make the bales rounded. But to see that I have to see the entire bale, preferably both of them. From what I see it looks good, but I would ask for pictures of the entire bail. But that's just me. Unless it's sold by someone here, or the pictures are very clear, I want as much info as possible. From what I can see, it looks good to me.
  13. some people mediate the problem of stolen pics by asking that the seller take a pic of the bag with like... a specific object. like a can of soda. or stuff inside or something.