05 Caramel city or 07 Sienna city?


Caramel vs Sienna

  1. 2005 Caramel City

  2. 2007 Sienna/tabac city

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  1. Ok guys...

    so I've come across a 05 caramel city which I can buy at a great price... BUT.... I'm also in love with the Sienna/tabac color... which I had originally planned to get in City...

    until the caramel city came along...

    which do I pick???

    any comments / advice / suggestions... WELCOME!!!

    FYI: i have currently... Greige Twiggy, Cafe GH Part time, and Sandstone GH work... so this will be my VERY FIRST CITY :yahoo:...
  2. How good is the price?
  3. If the Caramel City is in perfect condition, then I'd choose the Caramel
  4. My vote is for sienna, but I agree with Jenova, how good is the price on the caramel?...I might change my vote!
  5. def the caramel city! i love mine! get 05 while you can :smile: and the color is just amazing
  6. ^^ 2nd that!
  7. I would get the Sienna for the following reasons: 1) I will always choose a new bbag over an old one if I can (i.e. if the color isn't a rare have-to-have color) 2) F/W 2007 leather has been compared a lot to 2005 leather. It is smooshy, nicely distressed and thick 3) Sienna is such a pretty whiskey color! It's deep and rich. Caramel is nice but not as saturated and rich in color as Sienna, IMO.
  8. I voted for the Sienna as thats the one you wanted originally but whichever you chose enjoy her ! :smile:

  9. its about the same price as the Sienna on Diabro... around $950! oh dilemmas!
  10. Yes thats one of my dilemmas... with the same price for the caramel I can get a spanking new sienna! but they're both such gorgeous colors! if only my wallet allowed/justified both of them! :push:
  11. My vote is still sienna...i jus love the color as compare to caramel.....maybe i'm not a caramel gal~
  12. I voted caramel, like the other ladies - only if it's in great condition. I think caramel is a wonderful color, a great neutral and if I could find one in great condition, I'd snap it up in a heartbeat. I've been told that Sienna is one of those love it/hate it colors. I happen to have it in the Brief and LOVE it, but given the choice, I'd pick caramel. Good luck with your decision!
  13. Go for the Caramel now as the Sienna will be move available in the future if you change your mind.

    Whereas the Caramel is probably a one shot deal :yes:
  14. ITA - caramel is such an amazing color and it sounds as if you can get it at a great price too! either way, i bet you'll be happy, but my vote is for the 05!
  15. I vote Sienna! For all the reasons already stated, particularly about the awesome quality of 2007 leathers being likened to those from 2005, Sienna is just such a full-bodied and punchy color. Don't get me wrong...I LOVE all Browns, but Sienna is just AMAZING!