05 Caramel & 06 Camel

  1. How do these two colors compare to each other? close?
    anyone have pics??

    :confused1: :confused1:
  2. and is the 07 argile close also?

    ANYONE??? :confused1:
  3. I don't have pictures but I think the caramel '05 and camel '06 are different. Both are so beautiful!
  4. Caramel '05 is one of my favourites (surprise, surprise ;) )..it is a lovely neutral colour with butterscotch and no orange. The '06 Camel I find VERY orange. I am not personally a fan but I've seen it look really good on certain bags depending on the leather...
  5. I actually prefer the 06 caramel. I think it is just a richer color whereas the 05 is a little more washed out.

    Then again, I prefer more saturated colors.
  6. Thanks everyone!

    What do you all think about that 07 color? I think it is called agile...

    and are they going to make it in The Purse style???
  7. I think 05' caramel looks better.I am now looking for a 05' caramel twiggy
  8. I have the Camel '06 Day and it is a deep butterscotch. I would never describe it as orange, however it does have rich, warm undertones. It totally pops against my clothes without ever betraying its neutral roots. It's GORGEOUS and I lucked out with the leather. Totally smooshy and minimally veiny!
  9. i agree that the caramel 05 is less orange than the camel 06. Not to mention that the 05 leather is superior.