'05 CALCAIRE Twiggy!

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  1. I would love but i really can't :crybaby:
  2. WOW :nuts: . . . GORGEOUS :drool: seems to be in mint condition as well !!! But seller don't ship internationally, unfortunately :sad:

    Thank you for posting Pewter :flowers: :love:
  3. gorgeous and in fantastic tip-top shape condition!
  4. WOW :nuts: That one is gorgeous. Calcaire is one of my favorite colors.:love:
  5. Gorgeous.
    Looks like someone snatched it right up!
  6. Looks like the most amazing leather ever!
  7. Wow gone already! Congrats to the lucky winner!
  8. Looks about Mint! Nice piece...
  9. aKKKK! soo beautiful! one of my favorite colors ever! congrats to the winner!!!