05 bubblegum pink hobo $650

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Wow!!! It's gorgeous!:love:
  2. MMMhhhhhhhhh .... I LOVE this color ... could eat them :P :love: !! Thank you for letting us know :yahoo:
  3. The seller's wonderful also. When I purchased one of my bags from her, not only was she a pleasure to deal with, but she added a bottle of Apple conditioner and a sweet little note.

  4. WOW compliments to this seller :flowers: :flowers: !!!
    Surfer..... omg ... could you please post close up pictures from your whole collection ... omg ... just saw your avatar :nuts: :nuts: :tender:
  5. What a great price on a yummy bag!

    , ack!!! I agree with firstclass. A close-up of your avatar would be so awesome!
  6. Beautiful bags and what a great deal too!!
    Surfer PLEASE post a pic of your collection! Everytime I see your avatar I wish I could do a close-up and see all these beautiful bags:heart:
  7. that colour is just lovely!:love:
  8. Ditto!! Your collection looks microscopic, but still gorgeous :love:. Please post pics so I don't have to go blind staring at the teeny pic :flowers:!
  9. Great bag and the seller is really nice!:yes:
  10. yes, this seller is an absolute doll :love:
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