05 bordeaux work or 06 oxblood work

  1. I got this new 05 bordeaux work not long time ago,now I saw the color swatch of 06 oxblood. Someone said they are very similar...I am so itching that whether I should sell my 05 bordeaux and get this oxblood one or you think bordeaux is better than oxblood?:blink:

  2. personally, as much as i :heart: the oxblood, i :heart: bordeaux more!!!
  3. Welcome to my world - I have a bordeaux city and thought the oxblood would be to close in color. I was told that the oxblood has a red base whereas the bordeaux has a purple base. I know it didn't help me much either - my solution is to buy the oxblood in a different size.
  4. Hi Chloe. An SA at Bal NY told me the oxblood is very similar to bordeaux.
  5. Yes, from what I've heard, the Oxblood is really really close to Bordeaux. Do you prefer a red undertone(Oxblood) or plummy purple(Bordeaux)? I guess it comes down to that or take shoegal's advice---keep your Work and buy an Oxblood in a different style! :smile:
  6. Thanks ladies....I am thinking about getting a rouge work this time....so if oxblood has the red tone in it, I may pass this one. I LOVE my bordeaux work...

    So many choices out there ...ahh...
  7. There's been tons of speculation in numerous threads about the new 06 Grenat/Oxblood color. The bottom line is that few of us have seen it yet IRL. But it should only be a matter of days now, we hope! :rolleyes: The bags are trickling in to BalNY, and soon pics will be popping up here to see. So far, a few gals have seen Oxblood, but their reports seem to vary about what it really looks like--and we all see colors differently and have different tastes anyway!

    I owned an 05 Bordeaux City that I ended up selling because of a small defect in the leather. (The color was a bit plum-y or even pink-y for me, especially in the sun.) So now I've preordered an 06 Oxblood City, and I'm optimistic about the color.
  8. I know what you mean. I purchased the city but now wish I had a work. Thats why I've preordered the grenat work. I know it won't be the same though.:sad:
  9. Really Jill; a few days before the Grenat/Oxblood colored-bags come into the BalNY store?

    I was bummed that I missed out on the Bordeaux, but I'm hopeful that the '06 color will take care of that ... now the style? ... haven't figured that one out yet!
  10. I'm pretty sure CeeJay. Within the past week, both aaallabama and angelphaery have been to BalNY in person, and they've seen the Grenat/Oxblood color in a few of the styles, but not the City. (You can search for the threads they filed for their full reports.) Also, I believe that pupsterpurse is expecting her Grenat/Oxblood to arrive from BalNY any day now...:yes:
  11. I may just have to make a trip to NYC and see the bags 'in person'. Given the differences that I've seen in both the leather and colors (especially with the Ink bags), I would much rather see them and then make a decision as to the one I want.
  12. I think you're right about seeing it in person CeeJay. It's hard to tell what the colors really look like on our computer monitors, and we all seem to describe/see colors differently anyway.

    I'll be in New York in mid-July!
  13. Yes, I'm hoping it arrives this Friday or Sat(it's going to be sent overnight). From what I've heard, there are tons of boxes still being unpacked and more shipments coming in(another shipment tomorrow, I heard?). I'll take pics of it indoors w/ and w/o flash and with natural light and outdoors so I can convey the color as best as possible.
  14. I've pre-ordered a City in Grenat/Oxblood...can hardly wait to see the color!!!
  15. wow, i love your adorable king charles poochers pseub-girl!!!

    p.s. i've seen the oxblood IRL & it's gorgeous ;)