05 bordeaux vs. 06 grenat

  1. What's the difference???
  2. there's very similiar colors moe & both are gorgeous :tender:...below is a picture of my little miss bordeaux first :love:...i'm guessing the leather on the new grenat is thicker & not as distressed :shrugs:
    BORDEAUX BAG 2.jpg
  3. Is the bordeaux darker and more purple?? The grenat looks like it has more red in it.
  4. welp, i think the bordeux has more plummy undertones & the grenat is more red (don't think 1 is darker than the other though) :girlsigh:
  5. I have both and Moe is quite correct!
  6. I am speechless :wtf: :wtf: :heart: Your bag is soooooooooo beautiful!!!
    Below are a few pictures of my grenat city !! :P
    blb2 002.jpg blb2 004.jpg
  7. Oh Miraiamrees, that's gorgeous!!! I really hope mine is close to that color!
  8. I think grenat is more red-brown toned (isn't this what some people were calling "oxblood"?). While the bordeaux is more like a very nice deep burgundy/wine with a lot of dimension. The bordeaux bags that I own/have owned have had really gorgeous 'older' leather too (since it was a pre-fall '05 bag). Both the bordeaux and grenat are of course lovely! But they really are pretty different (in my opinion) in color.

  9. right back at ya
  10. I personally like bordeaux ALOT better. It's actually the first bbag I'd ever seen prior to ordering mine - it was a bordeaux work, and it was being held for someone. The bordeaux is like a deep, deep red wine. It's just very...deep, and multifaceted. The grenat doesn't have that depth. It's in no means a flat color, but it's definitely lighter than bordeaux. The grenat looks like a red mixed with brown and the bordeaux looks like red mixed with black.
  11. Moe - I think the 2 colors are very similar. I remember seeing a thread in which someone posted the 2 bags side by side and you could hardly tell the difference! I'll try to find it for you...

    aaa - LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your bordeaux! The color looks so rich! :nuts: :nuts:
    Myriam - I am also in love with your grenat! It has the smoothest leather! :heart: :love:
  12. they are both beautiful....but the leather makes a huge difference so go for the one with thicker leather!
  13. I had both and Bordeaux is definitely plummy while the Grenat had a redder tone to it. The colors really are very similar, though(to point where I personally wouldn't keep both in my collection unless they were different styles).

    Myriam--your Grenat is gorgeous!!! Wow! The leather is TDF!

    aaa--I hope you're keeping your Bordeaux! It's such a pretty color!
  14. thanks Pupster-girl, i'm happy to say i've decided she's a keeper :tender:
  15. Yay!!! :yahoo:
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