05 Bordeaux Twiggy - sp $1200

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  1. Too pricey.
  2. she emailed me the auction before it showed and the Sb was lower with a BIN. Now its higher. I really like the bag, love the color and leather!
  3. I think this bag is gorgeous! I love the twiggy in this color. There are so many bags on eBay that I want now.:sweatdrop:
  4. my question is why does the color look so off in that first picture? it makes it look more maroon-y than bordeaux usually is.
  5. Wasn't this bag auctioned off a few weeks before? I remember it was listed and thought someone bought it since the seller ended it saying it was no longer available or something like that.....anyone remember that auction?
  6. actually, i do remember that bc at that time, the bag being auctioned was originally mine, but i had sold mine off eBay to another PFer. i'm not sure if this is same bordeaux twiggy though it may very well be as the pictures are identical to that original auction you are talking about. :s
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