05 Bordeaux Twiggy SP 1199

  1. isnt someone on here looking for this bag??
  2. Exactly! I thought the same thing! Who is it? Doh!
  3. meeeeeee
  4. Ohhh.. lovely! Go get it girl!
  5. go for it pink!
  6. ^pinkpirate, if that is the bag i think it is, i used to own it.
    the current seller may have been able to get replacement tassels from AR or balNY.
    05 bordeaux is fab!
  7. I've been looking for this too, but it looks a little too rugged for me. Oh yeah and I just bought a blueberry city yesterday!
  8. This is such a great color, and the leather looks amazing!
  9. Hi *Jennifer*

    do you mean you sold this same bag to this ebay seller? I think it's strange that the seller keeps buying bbags and turn around and resell them...........?
  10. ^agent_stealth, i traded this bag with another PF member earlier in the summer (i had listed it on ebay, sometime in july i think?). that person then sold it to the current seller.
    i do agree with you about the current ebay seller. s/he seems to like to get bags and then resell them. :confused1: might be "flipping"?
  11. What is wrong with this bag that noone wants to love it? It just keeps getting passed around?
  12. Hi there,
    Weird story, I bought this bag from Jennifer and it is beautiful. I prefer the purse shape, though, and this seller had the purse in bordeaux. I bought her purse and then she bought my twiggy. I am not sure why she is selling so soon but that is the deal!
    It is a gorgeous bag!!
  13. Join the club. My sellling/buying history matches. I LOVE the thrill of getting a new bag its so addicting.

    I keep my bags in my china cupboard in my dining room. I come down in the morning and pull them out and decide which one to carry (black and luggage koobas are in the mix too :smile:)

    If I find one is not "coming out" very often - I'll list it.

    Who knows why it doesn't make an appearance as often as the others - the clothes I have, the shape, the look - a million variables - ya know?

    The one I most pull out is my bordeaux first. I just LOVE this color.