05 Bordeaux Twiggy bin 698

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  1. is it 04 marron?
  2. Slight tear on the bottom edge tubing....
  3. It is stated to be an 05 burgundy...
  4. It's 05 bordeaux isn't it? She's had it up for sale for a while now I think.
  5. I have been looking for a bordeaux twiggy but don't know if I should buy this one with a tear.
  6. I asked the seller to add better pix of the damaged corner and she did, boy, its pretty bad, but probably fixable. I really love the bag. I wonder how much it would cost to fix that corner?
  7. I'd get it if it didn't have that little "boo boo" at the bottom.
  8. awww poor twiggy! what happened to that corner??
  9. Whew... I almost BIN until I read the "slight tear" description. :wtf: Did her dog make this bag his dinner?
  10. how isit possible to tear the piping so badly when you've used it 15-30x only?