'05 Bordeaux Le Compagnon Wallet

  1. Aaa you have the BEST stuff! Where's that money tree when I need it, huh?!? Good luck girl!
  2. What is retail price for this wallet? $505?
  3. ^^ awe, thanks Pewter & TTucker:tender:

    p.s. retail was $505 lulu, not sure if it went up (?)
  4. oh my gosh, I want this sooo bad....it would be a good companion to my Ink Compagnon.~sigh~:love:
  5. It's beautiful AAA. I need to stay off Achtung and ebay or soon I will be on a bbag ban. First Trauma puts that tdf rose City on ebay, now this. I need a blindfold. :P
  6. ^^ thanks so much Donna & powder :love:

    p.s. and happy turkey-day to everyone!!!