'05 Bordeaux First

  1. Whoohoo! Go aaa!!! You couldn't ask for a better seller or PFer :tender:
  2. this color always makes me weak!
    good luck, aaa!!!
  3. Wow, that is a really great color!
  4. Absolutely gorgeous! If it were a city with this color and leather, I'd have trouble resisting.
  5. The color is OUT OF CONTROL!! so pretty!
  6. awe, thanks for all the compliments on miss bordeaux gals:love:...i've gotta say i'm really torn up about her & miss rouille :sad:...but the first size is just too small for me most of the time & i can't leave these 2 lovelies sitting underneath my bed forever!!!
  7. ^I LOVE LOVE LOVE this bag, aaally :love: It is so gorgeous! Someone buy it please!! I'm on purse ban. This one is torturing me to no end!
  8. ^^ lol, when did a purse ban ever stop anyone?!?! :lol::graucho::angel:
  9. Me :blush:
    I :heart: the Classique/First size, much to my own surprise...
    Deco, go for it! Soo close to getting your name into the Guinness book of world records, can't stop now! ;)