05 Bordeaux City SP $868

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  1. ^wowza! i'm not a city girl but i sure do love 05 bordeaux!!
  2. naaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaaaz!!!!
  3. OMG, I want this!!!
  4. I was just coming on to post that. That bag is GOOD LOOKING! She started at a great price too. A few of those pics are killing me over here... :love:
  5. Thank goodness the handles are a little dark! Otherwise I would be wanting this!!!
  6. Just saw that.
    She has a lot of nice bags up.
  7. The handles do look a little dark but its a lovely bag:smile: So tempting...
  8. Same here. I noticed the handles right away. I admit I have a HUGE aversion to dark handles. I can't help it.
  9. I love it. I really do. Will I ever be finished? Every day, there is something new and gorgeous. Is it because of the holidays?
  10. She has a Fendi Spy up for grabs too! :nuts: I wonder if she's a Pfer... :graucho:
  11. Ooo nice! I wonder if this color is just one of those that photograph with handles looking darker than they really are, because she states:

    "Handles show almost NO wear"
  12. Just a FYI: the buyer is willing to sell it for $1150 NIM if anyone is interested. Ahhhhhh!!! I love this and the calcair day. What is a girl to do??
  13. What does NIM stand for?
  14. That bag is soooo pretty.......how much does a city cost if you were to buy it retail?