05 bordeaux City...dreamy!!!

  1. Nanaz, is this your auction?
    Gorgeous bag, good luck!! :heart:
  2. So happy it finally showed up on eBay Nanaz.

    Good luck!!! I'll be watching this one...;)
  3. Thanks guys, yes it is mine.:yes: I listed it last night and stupid eBay removed it :cursing: so i went ahead and listed it again this morning. It took almost ten hours for my auction to show up again.:nuts: Actually Becca wants this bag desparately.:yes:
  4. Stupid eBay :cursing: they really need to target the real issue - the fakers!

    :back2topic: You go girl!!
  5. Girlie you can see me now ;) check out the avatar.:graucho:
  6. Good Luck Nanaz with your auction:smile:!! The bag looks AMAZING!!!:nuts:
  7. Thanks every one.:heart:
    I will take my comment back because Becca just told me she is officially on a purse ban.:ban: That is ok Becca sweetie, don't worry.:tender:
  8. I almost get physically ill with auctions. If it had a BIN I'd be ALL OVER IT!!!!:yes:

    It is a gorgeous bag and deserves an auction, though.
  9. Good luck, Nanaz. It is so pretty.
  10. Well, I can officially count this beautiful bag as part of my collection. Thanks to Nanaz for parting with her and being such a wonderful seller.:yahoo:

    Of course, I'll post pics when she's in my ever-receptive hands.
  11. Yay :yahoo: congrats Nanaz and Fendihunter!!!
  12. Congratulations!!!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. It was my pleasure. I am glad that this beauty has a wonderful and new momy.:heart:
  14. YAY! Congrats to my girls! Look at that picture of Nanaz! Is she gorgeous or what!