'05 Black Twiggy vs. '07 Black Twiggy - what would you choose?

  1. We're seeing a lot amazing '05 bags lately and with the popularity of the Bubblegum, Rouge Theatre, Bordeaux and such, I was wondering, what about black?

    if you had a chance to purchase a beautiful, like new condition '05 twiggy for $200 above retail versus '07 Black twiggy at retail - which one would you choose?
  2. well, i think it's very possible given how nice the leathers have been lately to find an 07 black twiggy that has comparable or perhaps better leather than the 05. this choice really depends on another factor too: do you want an already broken in bag or do you want to break it in yourself. also, do you mind buying used or prefer brand new. personally, i'd buy the 07, save myself the $200, break it in myself and know i was the only user. that's just me.
  3. I absolutely LOVE my 05 black twiggy - it's the bag I use the most. But I'm not sure about paying above retail, I paid a little under. The leather is unbelievable, but I'll bet you can find one for less.
  4. I second ALL that! I would for sure choose the 05 (mine is nothing short of amazing and SO broken in) but I'd hate to pay that much over retail.
  5. I third all that! I ADORE my 05 black City - but I don't think if I had to do it all over again that I'd pay over retail at all! I think that the F/W 07 leather is some of the best I've seen in awhile and I think it would be relatively easy to find a nice smooshy one without having to pay above retail. Good luck!
  6. I 4th that!!! Don't pay above retail for a bBAG~! even if it's a 05!! unless if its a super rare color.. that you absolutely MUST have. But all my bags are from 2007 f/w and 1 from s/s, I'm been quite happy with the quality of leather from f/w. :yes: If you get the right SA, have them choose a type of leather to your liking.. or if you're close enough to buy from a Dept Store.. have them bring out every black twiggy out.. and you could choose yourself... Hey it's not cheap, so be sure to LOVE what you buy :p gOod Luck~!
  7. It depends on what kind of leather you want. But you can also get smooshy leather in 07 plus you get a new bag. I have a pre-loved 05 First and the leather is fantastic. I went both ways, I have 05 and 07 bags. I've seen not-so-great 05 bags too, so I'd base my decision on the leather of the individual bag you're interested in.
  8. :love: I just brought a 05 black city and I love it!!! The leather is amazing :tup: Soft, thick and smooshy!!!

    Here's a pic~
  9. I would go for the 05 one!! Nothing beats the older leather even though the 07 has been good, I have always loved 05 and 04!
  10. I AGREE
  11. go for a new one!!!
  12. It's a hard choice but with the '07 leather being so yummy and I prefer to break in my own bags I would get the new '07 bag. I am very picky about the used bags I buy so sometimes it's just easier to buy a new one instead.