05 Black Classique BIN 795

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  1. that seems like a good deal for someone who is looking for a first!
  2. Slammin' deal! This kind of price I likey!!!
    The early '05 leather is very very nice. Wish the seller had included a few more pics, like the bales, tho.
  3. Wooow :nuts: !!! I'd love to have a black First !!!
    But this one...To good (price) to be true :wtf: ????
  4. Looks good to me. But I'd ask for pics of the bales. Those have been the key points lately that have distinguished super-fakes from authentic. But hurry!
  5. Yeah, I wish there were better pics of the bales.:yes:
  6. she's put a pic of the bales up, looks fine to me
  7. well, someone bid on it. so the BIN is gone now.

    the bales are only 1 aspect of authenticating a bbag. there are lots of other things that can tell if a bag is authentic or not... dont use the bales as the only way of authenticating a bbag, please!
  8. Yeppers, cuz I asked her to! Now someone's bid, which really seems silly to me. It was such a delicious and fair BIN. It will prolly bid up to the BIN anyway, and so much trouble and time! Arrrgh!
  9. Totally! It's just that everything else looked good, to me, and that was the only thing I couldn't see. Maybe I'll ask for a better shot of the rivets (they look like the un-notched), now that we have 6 days to think about it!
  10. the tag says A, which is from S/S 05, a season before all bags had notched rivets.
  11. Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Everything else seemed to check ok except for the absence of bales and rivets pics. :yes: Bbagbubba, too bad she couldn't have e-mailed the pics to you first so you could have BIN'd! That would have been an excellent deal!:yes: It kinda sucks that someone placed a bid when the BIN was such a good price.
  12. Yeppers! (sorry, aal..bama, but 'yeppers' is my new fave word!)
  13. I thought of that, pupster! But truthfully, I'm on the fence, so I didn't. I've already got an s/s '05 City, in Black. Me thinks: do we REALLY need a First, too? I dunno.
  14. Hey bbag, not to enable or anything :sneaky: but I absolutely love my black first. It's a great anywhere/everywhere bag.

    Maybe this one will stay low? I agree that it's too bad that great BIN is gone. (Someone may try emailing the seller and just seeing if she'll still sell it for that?)