'05 Black City - Great price + amazing leather!

  1. Wasn't someone here waiting for a black city in this price range? This is an amazing deal! I have a black city from the same season and the leather is truly amazing.
  2. ^^ ditto :nuts:
  3. I think I'm going to bid on this cause I really want a black city and it's definitely in my price range. This seller is definitely legitimate? I'm so worried with ebay.

  4. If you really want it you should do the BIN. If you simply bid the starting amount, you will probably get outbid and the bag will climb in price. The BIN is only $35 more. The seller is definitely legit, she is a PF member.
  5. Definitely!! GRAB IT!!!
  6. Silverfire, the seller is definitely legitimate. I have bought authentic Balenciaga from her on Ebay before. Nothing to worry about. I highly recommend her. You should go for it. It's a great price and that leather is amazing. :yes:

    But do BIN, because I think if you put a big and the BIN goes away the final price would end up much higher than the BIN.
  7. Ilove this bag i have one also from the same season, the leather is very nice quik changing into not so glossy. But it`s a great bag.
    And everyone is looking when i wear that, maybe because iàm a man. But i don`t care at al.
    ARE THERE MORE MEN ON THIS BLOG???????????????

    I love those nicolasbags

    FX van Leeuwen:yahoo:
  8. edited, because she did mention that in the auction... silly me.
  9. YAY, who got it???
  10. Yay I got it! Thanks for everyone's help...and pewter your the best for posting it, cause I never know what sales on ebay are good deals.

    I'm so excited my first city! :yahoo:
  11. Congrats, SilverFire!! That's a great deal for sure and I know you'll love it!
  12. Thanks...I saw some black city's in NM recently and the leather didn't look as nice this one, so I think I made a good buy.
  13. congrats silvery with your first great city bag
    U wil love it

    and now waitig for delivery


  14. Congrats Silver on the great deal on a beautiful bag!