'05 Black City BIN USD$698!!!

  1. I am soooo tempted, but the description says the leather has 'minor cracks'? Should this be a concern? The bag looks GREAT!
  2. i can't really see the cracks?
  3. Me either? Maybe just distressed leather? What' the call? Yes or no?
  4. Yeah me neither! But it's such a good deal! Get it get it! =)
  5. Oh no! Just clicked to buy it and somebody beat me to it!!!! Which lucky PF member got this???
  6. Oh dear... Congrats to the winner! Hope it's a Pfer! Great deal!
  7. congrats... great deal!!!!!!!!!! sooo wanted to hit bin, but.. i already have a black city ... looks so divine!
  8. ^^ lol, me too!!! :p
  9. This seller is authentic? He/she has 2 other blue cities up for BIN/auction at similar low prices.
  10. :heart: beautiful black city!!! Whoever won it got a sweet deal!
  11. LOL. I wanted to hit the BIN button for a white classique after seeing yours on the photo thread! :yes: Unfortunately, I couldn't get any internet connection for over an hour and it was GONEEEE! :crybaby:
  12. What a steal!!!

    That's a pretty pretty city! :yes:
  13. how come i'm always late to this forum and miss the super deals:crybaby: ..i so want a black city..o-well, i hope a pfer got it too..
  14. Me too!