05 black city at great buy it now

  1. Wow! the leather on that bag looks great! If I didnt just buy one I'd be all over that one! Thanks varsha!
  2. you're welcome! the leather does look niiiice
  3. me likey!
  4. Great seller as well :smile:
  5. isn't it so tempting to just BIN something when it is a great deal even though you don't need or really even want it? that is why i hate sales because i buy stuff i don't need and can rationalize it because it is nice and a good price. must work on self discipline.
  6. this bag is torturing me...I want a black city so badly...but I have a credit at BNY and keep telling myself I should use it to get my black city...The fall leather better be good or I'll be one unhappy camper
  7. if you love it, i would get it. i am sure you will want a bag from Bal NY sometime in the future. how long is the credit good for?
  8. This bag is bothering me too....I want a black city really bad but thought I'd try to hold out for silver hardware, but that may never happen...and this leather looks smooshy like my indigo...I'm hoping someone buys it and puts me out of my dilemma...
  9. I know...I should just give in - lol. I'm not sure how long the credit is good for. It doesn't have any kind of "expiration date" listed. As a true addict, I know I'll always be able to find something I "need" but I'm trying so hard to go at least a month with a Visa bill that doesn't resemble the national debt ;)
  10. I was hoping you would buy it and end MY suffering ;)
  11. Same here....I really want black with silver harware...............
  12. Hehe.....I didn't want to be the only one grappling with temptation :biggrin: ...Well, I'm sure someone will buy it soon, hopefully someone who's been wanting one for a while....
  13. Someone please buy it...........I can't buy anything until my bags sell.
  14. That is such a great bag! THe leather looks fabulous!