05 Black City... $899 BIN!

  1. Ooh it looks pretty and nice price! LOL - I'm tempted too and I hve a black City already too!
  2. I third that! I have a black city, too but that BIN price is great!
    Good luck to all bidders! Thanks Glimmer for posting!
  3. It's a really nice seller, I bought my cornflower first from her and even I paid normal shipping not express she upgrated it and I had the bag after 2 days from the UK to Germany. This is a great price!
  4. No delivery to Canada :sad:, plus I should sell my Cornflower before I buy another.
  5. wow, that black city's gorgeous gals, someone give her a home, NOW!!! :yahoo:
  6. I've been over to look at this bag like 10 times in 5 minutes. it is SOO beautiful! someone buy it!
  7. the leather on that one is amazing...
  8. amazing price and bag...can't believe it is still available
  9. It's not. I just bought it, but I too already own a black 06 city but mine still has all the tags on it and the mirror is still wrapped up so I'm praying I won't have too much trouble selling it. I have always wanted one of the older ones and now thanks to this post I will get to really compare the two. My husband thinks I'm a nut. "two of the same bags" thanks for the heads up. now, no more bags.
  10. ^^^ Haha congrats loren! Take lots of pics and tell us what differences you notice! You got a GREAT deal!
  11. congrats loren! you wont be disappointed! when did you buy the 06 one? can you just return it?
  12. Congrats!! It's a great buy. ENjoy it.. you will see the difference.:smile:
  13. loren... you said your mirror is still wrapped up. did you originally get it off ebay?..
  14. sharp intake of breath !