05 Bags and serif font?

  1. [​IMG]

    I was under the impression that fall 05 bags were sans-serif?
  2. More specifically can anyone with a Rouge 05' verify this for me?
    Thanks!! ;)
    I'm not hopeful, but otherwise the bag looks ok.
  3. According to atelier.naff, the font should be sans serif for metal plates, 2005.
  4. I have rouge 05 city, and it's sans serif :yes:
  5. winona, here's a pic I saved from an eBay auction - rouge, no serif. But are you sure the one in your photo has a serif on the 1? it could just be a smudge...
    Z plate.jpg
  6. ^ yeah, it looks like just a smudge to me
  7. It looks like a smudge to me too... but the "hollowness" of the font suggests sans-serif from the older 03' 04' bags?
    Mimi? You know a lot about older bags owning some beauties yourself, what do you think?
  8. ^ I don't know, I see what you are saying - can you send me the auction link? I can't really come to a conclusion unless I can see the whole photo. This wouldn't be an older bag though, it would be an '05 Fall Rouge if authentic.
  9. Is it an 05'?

    Yes it's only the numbers that look hollow. Not the letters.

    This bag looked good to me, but the numbers confused me a bit.
    And thanks ;)
  10. It also looks good to me ;)
  11. yup, mine's an 05 :smile:
  12. YAY!!!
    Something I can buy perhaps!
    I have another seller in the US that is waiting to get a bag to show me, I'll have to wait I suppose and hope this one lasts.

    Thank you for clearing up that tag stuff. Atelier.naff confused me on this one. Thanks again everyone!