05 Apple Twiggy

  1. omg I wish I could splurge that much right now!
  2. It's gone!
  3. i was just about to post this too, but it's G-O-N-E!!!!!! :lol:
    congrats to the lucky winner!!!!
  4. hahaha someone has FAST fingers! thats the quickest I've seen one of my posts GO! i'm surprised actually... i guess they really wanted it!
  5. wooohooo... who got that?
  6. hmm...something seems fishy...I've seen these pictures at auction before. I'm pretty sure it would have sold the first time? Anyone else remember that auction???

    ETA: SORRY! I just read the little note at the bottom of the seller's auction!
  7. Yeah, she's a great seller. I bought my eggplant twiggy from her and she's great, I wouldn't worry about her as a seller at all :flowers:
  8. Wow! That bag was gorgeous!!!:heart:
  9. Yeah, this seller is one of the old bbag lovers and she is absolutely wonderful! ;)