'05 Apple Green WORK

  1. Isn't she beautiful? She barely looks used. *sigh*
  2. WOW .... GOOOORGEOUS :nuts: :drool: !!!! It seems to be in great condition - fantastic ;) :yes: ! Good luck everyone !

    Thank you for posting Pewter :love:
  3. Why isn't it a city? Grrrr.
  4. wow, i've never even seen an apple green work before, it's so yummy :smile:
  5. That's what la Lohan was toting. I remember pics of her pairing it with a red party dress and it was kind of.. a turnoff for me. :confused1:

    That one is gorgeous though!
  6. omigosh...this apple work is lovely....yummy!!!!:love:
  7. very pretty bag and in great condition!

    goodluck to the bidders!
  8. I know!!!! I've never seen an apple work ever!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  9. very apple-licious indeed!
  10. WOWWWWW!!! breathtaking!
  11. Here's the pic I was talking about. LOVE the bag but not with that dress...


    The more I look at the bag though, the more :love: :love: :love:
  12. ahh! i wanna trade my apple green city for this one.......... i hardly ever use my city because it's too small for me..

  13. oh God!!!! stunning!
  14. It's gone.