'05 Apple Green First - $995 BIN

  1. Isnt' this the same price you usually pay for a first, brand new from store?
  2. Yes, but you can't buy it in the stores. :smile:
  3. Oh, I see. I love the color!
  4. yes........it's a pfer.;)
  5. Oh that bag is so cute. I wish, I wish.....
  6. :whistle: It's mine. Hit the BIN again... slinking away now.:whistle:
  7. Congrats Fendi, that's just awesome...i can't wait to see pics..
  8. My husband saw me admiring it yesterday and offered to by it for me as a Christmas gift. I said no. He asked me today over lunch if anyone had bought the bag I was looking at the night before. I said no and again he offered to buy it. Tonight he offered a third time (persistent he is) and I made a deal with him - I'd give him half the money since this b-bag craze is mine.

    That's why I love him so much. He knows I'm nuts but loves me anyway.:love:
  9. Congrats, Fendi!
  10. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Xmas!!!!!!!
  11. Thanks! I'm over the moon. Love this color and especially in the First. Still wondering who the PF'er that was selling it is.:shrugs:
  12. That's BellaFiore, I believe. :smile:
  13. Ahhh....hence the winky smiley on her previous post.

    BellaFiore, I'm so glad it was you.:yahoo: