'05 Apple Green City

  1. oh man, I really didnt need to see this one....aaarrrggghhh!
  2. It looks real good. I just asked the seller for more info on it's condition, since they don't really say anything about it. I will let you know what they say.
  3. no! dont let me know! my eyes are covered...I dont want to know, unless he says its a piece of **** and then I'll be interested cause then I wont want it...dont wanna know, dont wanna know.....
  4. Wow! Price has already climbed to $1000, and reserve now met.
  5. i have an apple green first... maybe i need an upgrade.:graucho:
  6. ^^ Hehe. That was me... I had to know what the reserve was. :Push: :shame: It was $1000 and $1001 is my max bid though. I probably won't bid any higher. :sweatdrop: And the seller gave me more info if anyone is interested...
  7. :lol: :lol: That's hilarious! Intelligence gathering bid! :lol:
  8. I think the apple green is such a beautiful color, but wonder if it might be so bright a green that it might not work with a lot of colors? Anyone who has one? Perhaps an opinion? Also, looking at the pictures, can someone explain why some bags have metal tags inside and some leather?
  9. That green is too bright for me personally. It would not work for me, but I know a lot of apple green owners rock that color nicely. ;)

    The tag depends on the style. Certain bbag styles come with the metal plate and some just have the leather tag. This site explains it well:

    atelier.naff: The art of the tag: reading the inside of a Balenciaga bag
  10. I had a friend who had a twiggy in this color and she said it was difficult to pull off. I love to look at it but I also wonder how practical it would actually be. I am not even going to look at this auction, I am so broke from all of my spending and someone else seems to always be willing to spend more!
  11. I asked the seller many questions yesterday bu I got no answer yet. How weird.....!
    Maybe it's because I am not from the us.
    Did you get some more pics? What kind of infos did the seller give you.

    OMG this is my VERY VERY FIRST PRYORITY DREAM BAG! Pewter or anybody who has infos please help!:sweatdrop:
  12. Go for it Trama! :yahoo: I have the highest bid at $1001. The reserve was $1000. I'm not going to go for it.

    Did the seller reply to you yet? They replied to me right after I sent them a question. They said:

    "There's no darking of the handles, however, there's a small faded stain on the back barely noticeable. I don't have receipt, but I bought it from Barneys, NY and it's a great bag!"

    Sounds good Trama! Good luck!

  13. Thank you so much Pewter, you are really sweet:heart: . I am really in love with apple green, and city is my size, I already have 3.

    No, the seller didn't reply to me, how weird, I will send another message.

    Thank you for your useful infos (I really can't stand handle darkening)!
  14. ^^ You're welcome Trama! Find out if they will ship internationally though because it seems like they only have shipping to the US listed.