05 apple green city help!

  1. help me find an apple green 05 city or work! i have been desperatly looking for the last 5 months! i check eBay everyday too but no luck. please if you see this bag and don't want it for yourself would you mind pming/emailing me?? i would be so thankful!! :flowers:

    in the meantime....:girlsigh:
  2. There was one on eBay last week I think..
    Sold at USD$1795?
    And a very sweet fellow TPFer got it..

    Will keep an eye out for you!
  3. lol.... it's like the hardest colour to come by! i started a thread about 3 wks ago and a fellow TPFer sent me the link for the bag that aki was talking abt. went out for lunch came back someone else got it... was kicking myself!:cursing:
  4. thanks aki~ i know i saw it and asked the seller one question but and was going to doa bin but i was too late. i have never had so much regret in my life! i swear! :cry:

    and thanks for lookin out for me! i appreciate it ;):flowers:
  5. You have to watch eBay like a hawk for AG! It also seems like AG comes in bursts. You will see a few being listed, and then there will be a period where they don't seem to exist at all. Good luck and don't give up! You will get one sooner or later. ;)
  6. I love AG too. I haven't seen one in a while. I think I want a First though.
  7. I love Apple Green too! When finances allow it my next BBag purchase will hopefully be an AG.
  8. I want an apple green city sooooo bad :sad: I've been checking ebay religiously as well. Hope a few come on soon!! :wlae:
  9. how much is that to the american dollar?
  10. i found a brand NEW apple green city! i am out of this world excited, it will be here next week! i will post pics when i get it!! :woohoo:
  11. Approximately $1600 :smile:
  12. Lindseylee7, wow! talk about rare! Can't wait to see pictures, lucky duck! :p
  13. lindseylee7, CONGRATS!!! Post picture when you get it!!!
  14. how do you search for that? it doesn't show up at all when i search..congrats to whoever got it!