05 Apple Day BIN 800

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  1. That's lvlady's photo from her auction that ended yesterday.

    Stolen photo????
  2. looks like someone snatched it up, hope its not a stolen picture like BellaFiore said!! oo ohhh :wtf:
  3. Oh poops!

    I accidentally bought it. I SWEAR! I was yelling for my BF to come look because I want it and violently flailing my arms and when I turned back to the screen it said I was the winner....I figured it was fate at that moment....

    I guess someone else had another agenda. Those are stolen photos. I PMed the seller saying I need to see a photo with the bag and her sn and my sn on it or else I will not pay.
  4. Reporting time!!
  5. ^^ better yet email the seller and send her the link of lvlady's auction and tell the seller that she used stolen photos for her auction...:yucky:
  6. Oh no... good luck Liz! I thought maybe she won the bag from LVLady so she used her pics but she wasn't the person that won lvlady's bag... Definitely tell her you need to see pics of the actual bag she is selling.
  7. that's bad - cause even I knew they were stolen photos cause I recognized them! (and I am not even in the market . . . for a green hobo:shame: )
  8. Oh no, ebay is So not fun anymore. I am so glad you didnt pay for it! ~phew!~
  9. Well, keep a look out in Authenticate This Balenciaga because I will be posting for sure.
  10. Here's what she said:
    "[FONT=Arial, Verdana]To save time on posting I took pictures that had already taken of
    another bag. I have the same exact bag in even better condition
    and will post all of those detailed pictures asap. look at your
    messages very soon! If not interested let me know. The bag is
    100% authentic guaranteed."
  11. I figured that's what they did, but it's still very rude to the owner of the pics if they didn't ask for permission to use them. :rolleyes:
  12. liz, glad you didn't pay, phew. As far as her response..:confused1: ..don't lose any sleep waiting for those photos....

    I guess I shouldn't say that...would someone really use the same photos from an auction that ended yesterday?

    I hope that's the truth and you get your apple green and at a great price.
  13. gee, I sent her a message stating that she used another sellers pictures and the reponse back to me was that she paid someone to list her bag for her and that person used the other sellers pictures. Not only a thief, but a liar too. well, they do go hand in hand dont they? another seller for the **** list!