05 Apple Boobie SB 199

  1. good luck donna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yahoo:
  2. Oh I'm all over it! dont worry! I have an apple green one, but my daughter wants one now...
  3. She won't ship internationally:sad:
  4. AAAAAaawwwWWWW!!!!!!!
  5. :popcorn: Oh Donna, don't let someone grab your boobie!!! I'm rooting for ya.
  6. Fendiiii!

    Oh! Donna, I want to be your daughter! This seller doesn't want my bid only because I'm not in the US. This is descriminating!
    Aaw Aaw AAaawwwWWWW!
  7. Sorry Donna :shame: no offence meant ....but I'll keep my fingers crossed that 'trama....' could get this :love: - coz you already have an apple green boobie - right :s ?!
  8. Trama, that is really too bad. I wonder why this happens with overseas ebayers???
  9. Firstclass you're a dear (as usual), at least somebody loves me here...:crybaby: :crybaby: :crybaby:

  10. Ohhhh trama..... 'Ch' :sad: .... maybe someone here could help you to get this apple boobie :s ??!! I can't myself since I'm also in Europe, as you know - would really love to help you :love: :heart:
  11. Yes Fendi, I wonder why us in the old continent are so unwanted. Just because paypal refuses to confirm our addresses :mad:.

    What are we :borg1: ???
  12. :love: :heart: :love: :heart: :love:
  13. OH that's the reason. That is really too bad.:sad:

    BTW, I was referring to another bid that I just noticed on the auction which went above Donna's(I was assuming it's not a PF'er). I didn't mean to imply I was hoping she would get it and not you.:yes: I LOVE ALL MY tPF GIRLS:love: