05/06 Prada Bags - help me choose

  1. Yes I know, the train has left... but i really can't get these bags off my mind. it's been over a year now since I saw this collection on NM (Dec. 05):



    Bag #1 is my 1st choice but it rarely shows up on eBay. Bag #2 is being offered to me now at $350. Should I get it? or should i just wait till my 1st choice pops up?

  2. Glam, I like both! Have you checked Bluefly for the one you prefer?
  3. I don't care for the dual strap concept for my own use, but I like the looks of it. If these were my only choices, I'd pic the second one because I want strictly a shoulder bag only. Style wise though, I like the first better.

    On the second, can you spot fakes well? I'm not saying it's suspicious since I can't see much detail, but the fakes are back in FULL FORCE on eBay now and they are getting really good at copying real Pradas. Just want to put that in your ear. ;)
  4. I like #1 the best for shape
  5. I like the first one better too
  6. minette, i've been checking bluefly regularly and have not come across these 2.

    i think i'll just wait for #1 to be available. Thanks everyone!:smile:
  7. i'd wait for the 1st as well
  8. i have never seen the first one before, so you don´t know if it will ever show up on eBay. 350 for the second is quite a great deal!!
  9. i know, it's a good deal, that's why i'm having such a hard time to decide....

    thanks for everyone's input :smile:
  10. well if you have the money to do it...maybe buy the second one and if the first one ever pops up somewhere, then sell the second bag

    i personally like the first one a lot more...
    both cute bags, but i like how the first bag has the smaller handles and shoulder strap
  11. I like the first one a lot. The second is too much like a toiletries bag.