05/06 City Question

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  1. I know that the exterior pocket is lined in leather, but is the interior pocket as well?
  2. ^not mine, except for a little strip up top.
  3. My spring 06 city bag has a strip of leather (1/2-3/4") across the top of the pocket (on the side that doesn't open) but the rest of the pocket interior is fabric.
  4. alright... hm.
  5. hmmmmmmmmm, let's see, my black '05 city has no leather on the interior of the outside pocket :yes:...but there's a thin leather strip on the interior of the inside pocket :smile:...i just sold my '06 black city, but i think there was leather on the inside & outside pockets!!!
  6. Hm? Please elaborate!

    Just rechecked the 06 Ink City I received today:
    Interior pocket only has the one strip of leather, exterior pocket only partially lined in leather. Actually, not lined in leather at all. It has a strip of leather on the inside, except it's a much thicker strip. So whereas the strip in the interior pocket is only about .5" thick, the strip in the exterior pocket is about 2.5".
  7. That is how my '06 Black City is, too. I'm 99.9% sure my Magenta and Calcaire Cities (both '05) were the same.
  8. The new fake bags by NBF have both interior and exterior bags lined in leather supposedly. New photos are on TPF of them and I'm worrying about knowing the differences between them and the 06 bags for authentication purposes.
  9. The new fakes...

    The NBF bags come in black, bordeaux (like grenat) and red (like rouge vif). So far- the differences appear to be the bales and the general look of the leather, but honestly, they look pretty good. even the rivets are correct. the hardware is right, and I guess the leather in the pockets is right too. I remember my ink city had a lined exterior pocket, but I can't compare the NBFs to it- as their colors are closest to the FW 06 colors...

  10. ^^ OMG, this is soooooooooooo scarey :wtf:
  11. yeah. those were pics of the bordeaux version. the rouge and black are closer actually. that is the scary part.

    I just think we all should be EXTRA CAUTIOUS when purchasing those colors off of eBay. so far... super fake colors to question extra hard... 05 emerald, 04 lilac, 04 rose, 05 apple green, 05 caramel, 05 turquoise, Black, White, 05/06 rouge, 06 grenat/05 bordeaux...
  12. OMG!!!!!!!!! i hope that some colors will be next to impossible to get just right. but fake leather feels so fake to me, the scary part is that you won't know until you've paid for it and have it at home.
  13. The dye job looks bad to me (I'd like to think that wouldn't fool me). Also, aren't the buckles in the corners too big?
  14. Good lord, that leather is hideous, it looks like it got wet or something. A couple of other things I can see - the clips at the end of the shoulder strap are not the right shape; it looks like the bales are still off; the way the leather is sewn to the bale is a mess; the hardware is different colors of metal; and god, that leather is hideous, I can't get over it...
  15. I agree with you LP. That still looks disgusting and totally off to me! :yucky: Someone I know has one of these in black. I've felt it. It looks somewhat decent from a far, but when you touch it... it still feels stiff and plasticy. :sick: They're totally disgusting and still would not pass for real at all if you see them in person.
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