04s Faceoff: Anis vs Pistachio

  1. which would you all pick - and why?
  2. That is a tough one!!:push: But if I have to choose...I say Pistachio!
  3. pistachio, i think it ages nicely
  4. Pistachio for me too. I love the greener tone of it compared to Anis' yellow tone.
  5. Pistachio, Anis yellow just looks dirty to me!!! lol
  6. Pistachio!!! :tup: I think it has just the right dash of yellow in it, making it a lovely green!!!
  7. Anis all the way.
  8. Pistachio!:heart: I've never really liked anis.
  9. Pistachio - I'm a green girl at heart.
  10. I vote for Pistachio too! It is gorgeous!
  11. pistachio
  12. Pistachio! I agree that I think Anis looks a little dirty.
  13. Pistachio, it's such a beautiful soft green, I find Anis too hard to match to things, it's not yellow, it's not green ...

    I wish you well,

  14. Love both! But Anis for me, for sure.. It's just more unique. Vert D'eau (which i have and use more than any of my other Bals) is so close to Pistachio.
  15. I love pistachio..prefer the greeness of the colour