04' Yellow First --GONE---

  1. :drool: where was I when this came up ? Congrats to the lucky winner!
  2. haha i love how we all just assume that its a TPF member, since we make up practically the whole population of handbag lovers haha just kidding!
  3. Geez her bbags get sold so fast. Did someone here get it?
  4. I saw that one but thought it was too sad to post up.
  5. That's a nice yellow color! Don't see a lot of yellow BBags :love:
  6. OMG, that was my dream bag ! Congrats to the winner!
  7. Why is it so green? I have the marigold mini classique and it looks nothing like this yellow.
  8. The green undertones aren't as strong IRL as in the pics, although the seams are the same color the anis'. It is from s/s 04, while marigold is f/w 04 so the shades of yellow are different. Also the hardware is different, one has pewter and the other has brass.
  9. Gaaah! I was sleeping as usual when good things come up :sleepy:
    Congrats to whoever got it!
  10. Wow! Great find! She also still has a lilac 06 first for 965. Not bad either!
  11. just as I finished reading her email that it was available, bam!! IT WAS GONE! Congrats to whoever got her!
  12. How do you girls find these things so fast????:yahoo:
  13. Does anyone read OK Magazine? Just wondering because in this weeks issue Nicole Ritchie is pictured in there holding a fake Yellow First. I don't get how this happens to celebs. Among other little signs, the bales on the shoulder strap are square!
  14. Yeah, there are a lot of pics of Nicole with that fake yellow first. She has a fake white first too. What puzzles me is that there were pics of her wearing that fake yellow first recently! She should have realized it's fake by now with all the other Balenciaga's she has... :confused1: