04 White Twiggy – worn but great price from $299!!!

  1. whoa! great deal. i want in.
  2. Goodluck!! >30 min left!

    So Exciting!
  3. I see 5 days 17 hours ?!
  4. mee tooo!? (5 days 16 hours)
  5. We-ell... 5 days is > 30 mins! :P
  6. what happened to the post of the rose twiggy from the same seller :confused1:
  7. The rose twiggy post got moved because something that was said in it violated Forum rules. Nothing dramatic... just against policy. Before it got moved, the seller had dropped the price of the rose twiggy back down to a starting of $799.
  8. :smartass::lol:
  9. Oops, I meant to post on the other bag...It was the Ivory City that ended for $555. Great deal!