04 White City- HELP CLEANING IT!

  1. Hi guys! My internet is down so I'm at the library.. so this is going to sound really rushed but.. I recently won the 04 white city that was on ebay. I just got it today and.. :cry: It's REALLY dirty. Like.. yellow beyond yellow. I am so disappointed right now.. but the hardware is gorgeous and the leather is really soft.. so I'm hoping that I can somehow revive the beauty. Any suggestions? My appleguarde conditioner is not helping at all and I have no clue whatsoever about leather maintenace. I need a lot of help, especially with the handles (which are... ugh, so dirty.)

    Anyone? Everyone? haha please help!!! I paid enough for the bag that I refuse to give up on it.. and I think it would be such a cute purse if it was just a little cleaner. I have no clue what to do though.. and even though I don't blame the seller, I am getting kind of bitter already.. (I suppose I should not have assumed that good condition = clean.)

    Thanks so much ladies! :love: When I got the bag, I immediately knew where to turn to.. hehe
  2. hmmm, sorry i don't know how to clean bags, but i say that you email the seller and tell her that you thought "good" meant that it would be cleaner. Perhaps she can give you a partial refund of some kind. She really should have made the condition more clear...
  3. gosh, i'm so sick & tired of all these dishonest sellers who only tell 1/2-truths :Push: ...a white bag in "good condition" shouldn't be filthy!!!

    p.s. the refund for my "brand new gucci" (a.k.a. USED!!!) just came thru paypal now
  4. Bring it to a pro. I'm pretty sure they can make it good. Good luck!
  5. i as the original owner of a white twiggy and paid alot to have it professionally cleaned......and hated itafterwards and sold it to get a new white work which i rotate in my collection,,not an everyday bag! i have seen white bals dyed and they do not look the same, but they are white... PM me if you want the name of the guy i know. i did not dye any of my bags, but i did refurbish handles on one bag bc i do not like dirty handles, but it will be different.
  6. You might want to try AG leather cleaner. It's a different product (from the conditioner). There is also a product called Leather CPR that is sold in Bed,Bath&Beyond. It's a great cleaner and conditioner. I'm just not sure if it will remove or eliminate the yellowing on the bag. That's not really dirt.

    Good Luck...........
  7. I'm thinking you should maybe return it? Did the seller state it was yellowish in color? Too spend so much money on it and then risk a cleaning- I don't know?
  8. I would love to see pictures of the unclean areas to help you troubleshoot.

    If the bag is yellowed, then that is not dirt but perhaps ciggie smoke, environmental factors, and much harder to remove. Dirt can be professionally cleaned, but, it is true the leather will be slightly different afterwards.

    Depending on the terms of the auction this may be one fish to throw back into the sea.

    White bags generally have good leather; you would find another if you could send this one back.
  9. I would definitely contact the seller and try to talk to them about it.
    I agree that a white bag that is yellow would not be considered "good"
    condition. Hopefully they will at least give you a partial refund so that
    you can have it professionally cleaned...let us know what happens.
  10. Oh Kattiepie - that bag looks to be in fair/used condition; NOT good condition.

    The pics show NO yellowing; but, they do show alot of wear and tear.

    I am not sure what a cleaner could do for you; however, if you are not happy you could contact the seller first before contacting a cleaner; or ask that the seller reimburse you the cost of cleaning? I don't know, most Ebay sales are "as is", this bag is not in "good" condition though...of course this is just my .02; I don't want to offend anyone.
  11. I just sent the seller a message. SHe has been really nice to me, selling it to me for a BIN price and all.. so I'm hoping it will work out. WISH ME LUCK! While I do that, I'll go look at the purse again and see if theres anything I can do.. Thanks for your help.. :smile:


    In person, the leather is.. well, it's definitely NOT white. =/
  12. Loganz: I'll try to post pics tomorrow to show you what I mean about the yellow. I'm still at the library.. hehe darn my stupid internet that won't work! LOL
  13. She offered me a $75 refund. HOw does that sound?
  14. go take the bag to a cleaner place (get some suggestions here for your area ) and get some price quotes and if the $75 will cover it... it might be worth a try. if the pro cleaning is more than 75, i wouldnt do it... i'd send it back. did you pay with paypal?

    it should have been cleaned before selling it, as well as just honestly stating the condition... but the pics do show its been pretty well used.