04 vs 05 Pewter

  1. Ok, so I am DESPERATELY seeking an 05 Pewter first but all I can seem to get my hands on is an 04. I really like the 05 because it seems, darker, richer than the 04 but I'd like to see the 2 side by side to compare.

    Does anyone happen to have both and can you post a pic of the 2 together? Or if you have just 1 can you post a pic and then I will put pics of each side by side to see the difference.

  2. I might be wrong but I think ETenebris is getting 2 pewters, one is 05 one is 04
  3. I was thinking the same. I know she just got both, just dont know what years they are:amuse:
  4. Yes she got an 05 City and an 04 First. But hers are coming all the way from Australia so it might be a while til she gets them and I want to see pics before that as I am in the middle of a possible transaction :biggrin:
  5. pewter first courtesy of fayden (she mentioned that it's 05):
  6. SpecialK, I should have the 04 Wednesday and the 05 Thursday if that's not too late. I will post pics either way, for future reference...probably in the b-bag colors thread, too!

    Fayden, I am totally drooling over your pewter First!
  7. pic courtesy of cougess at the marketplace (right is metallic grey, left is pewter -- not sure what year though, sorry :Push:smile::
  8. ^^The hardware looks like it matches the bag on that pic, which (unless I am seeing it incorrectly) would make it an 04. The 05 hardware is silver on the metallics.