'04 vs '05 pewter...and why

  1. Thanks to your help, I realize that the pewter was only made in '04 and '05. I am still on the hunt...Which do you prefer and why? Does one have better leather? hardware? are they the same shade of pewter, or do they differ? thanks!
  2. i've got the 05, never seen an 04 IRL but i don't think a lot of people prefer one over the other? i think they are pretty similar really. any one else out there?
  3. The two different pewter shades are actually different. The 04 is more of a "cooler/True" pewter metallic while the 05 is a "warmer" pewter in the sense that it has pinkish/beigeish undertones.

    The 04 pewter features pewter hardware with matching interior tag. The 05 pewter features silver hardware and the interior tag is leather only.

    Similar bags with subtle differences so I guess it depends which one floats your boat more! I'm a huge fanatic of metallic leathers and the pewter/gunmetal colour in particular so if I had my way - I'd own both!

    But realistically - the 04 and the 05 are pretty similar so it'd make sense to decide which one you'd rather have. I guess the 'biggest' differences are whether you want more matte or shiny hardware and what kind of undertone you prefer in your pewter.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Helps so much Jadecee! what an expert!!

  5. I agree, the pewter I have is 05 and it has a slight pinkish hue. the color is stunning.
  6. i like and hunted out an 04 a while back because i prefer the hardware.
  7. Thanks for starting this thread, Rockerchic! I'm just recently been smittened by pewter too! And I really don't know enough :shame:

    esiders, ya bag is TDF!!! :drool:
  8. I had a 05 first. I don't know why i ever sold it. STUPID :noggin:
    If you find one, get it! You will love it.
  9. I got the 04 First b/c I like the Pewter Hardware better.
  10. aww.. you make me blush! :shame: SOOO not an expert as everything I've learned has come from tPF! :yes: I think the word for it is obsessed. Yes, that's more of what I am! haha!