'04 Turquoise Weekender is back!

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  1. WOW!!!!!!!! Beautiful and what a great price!!!!!!!!!
  2. It's my auction and I'm soooooo upset that not only ebay removed my listing (again!) but now they also suspended my account !! I dont know what to say, I'm just so sick of them doing this to a genuiene seller like me. I would have to go through all the process to get my account back and running and other people may believe I sell fake bags :sad: This is so unfair...
  3. WHAAAAAttt???? Tigeress!!! that so blows! why in the world? are you from outside the US?
  4. Oh no, I'm soooo sorry :crybaby:
  5. I'm sorry!!

    Ebay's been on my nerves! They would only let me list 10 items for the cheap listing day and will limit me to selling only 10 items a week because I sell "high risk" items (my designer/premium jeans). :cursing:

  6. I am very sorry tigeress :sad: :sad: . Finger crossed for a happy ending. Keep us update. BTW I do love your bag, it's beautiful !
  7. Aw thank you ladies! I live in UK and travel around Asia for few months right now so it's not convenient for me to reinstate or fax my utility bills, driving licence etc to ebay as all those documents are at home. I'm just furious because they are claiming my bag is a fake and they wanted a proof of those things I mentioned which are so irrelevant to proving the authenticity of the bag!!! I dont know exactly what they require me to say in my listing so that they wont pull my auction down. But its too late .. I guess I have to start from zero feedback again ....
  8. so sorry this happened to you. It's so infuriating. It's happened to most of us. It happened to me, and they made me go through an "intellectual property tutorial!" I told them I was an intellectual property attorney and can write those tutorials while in a coma! no dice... no getting around their fat, sluggish, provincial bureaucracy. We feel for you:sad:
  9. ebay is ridiculous. tigeress, sorry it happened to you.:sad:
  10. Ebay is in a state of flux right now. After being sued by LVMH, et al, they have decided to act like they have been a trustworthy auction site; i.e., not condoning the sale of fakes. (in reality Ebay has been a nesting site for fraudulent sellers) Now, Ebay is targeting some of Ebay's best sellers.

    I hope that through the discovery process, that the Plaintiffs in the lawsuit find out how much Ebay made in revenues off of the counterfeiters. I would love to know!

    I am so sorry that you have become a "target" in Ebay's little catch-up game of banning counterfeiters. Ridiculous!:cursing:
  11. I am so sorry Tigeress ! the cheek of EBay is unbelievable especially regarding the fact that sooooo many fake sellers make fortunes there :shrugs:

    and when ebay ignores our alerts about fakes being listed ... ironic :sweatdrop:
  12. ^^ ditto, they did it to me tonight!!! :hysteric:

    p.s. i'm soooooooooooooo sorry Tigeress :heart:
    p.p.s. did i mention how much i hate e-bay?!?!
  13. So sorry Tigeress, ebay sucks!! They are so blind to the fakers and their maaaany $169 bbag auctions but pull the auctions and suspend genuine sellers. I was so looking forward to checking out your auction and found that it's been pulled. Ridiculous!